„Der Grundstein für Heike´s Werdegang in der Gesundheitskommunikation wurde in meiner Agentur gelegt.
Heike lebt die Werte eines Kommunikators, wie Integrität, Identifikation mit Aufgabe und Unternehmen, Engagement und Flexibilität auf exzellente Weise. Seit sie selbstständig ist habe ich sie mehrfach als Beraterin hinzugezogen, weil sie mit ihrer Erfahrung bei international operierenden Unternehmen den Blickwinkel auf Innenansichten weitet.“

Donate Schreiner, Gründerin und Unternehmensinhaberin Circle Comm GmbH, Agentur für Gesundheitskommunikation

„I have worked with Heike for many years: For four years she built and led my own PR/IR department and since then she has supported me and my clients in a number of projects. Whether press releases, investor relations, homepage, news feed or PR strategy, I could always count on the best possible results. When there is a problem she provides the solution.
It is really great working with her.“

Dr. Reimar Schlingensiepen, CEO AudioCure GmbH

„I worked with Heike during several years in pre-launch and launch phase as her marketing counterpart. Heike has a great understanding of strategy and brings medical science, marketing messaging and communication together. She is very structured and dedicatd to reach the respective goals. She is an excellent team player and a great help in challenging situations.
She enhances the project with her often different ideas and gives constructive feedback. No matter how complex or time challenging a project is Heike drives it and the result were always amazing. And not to forget it’s really fun to work with her.“

Dr. Christine Dudenhöffer, Boehringer Ingelheim

I worked with Heike for many years as her agency client service director. Heike has great experience of working with and managing agency teams to achieve excellent results. She is able to translate her vision for a programme into reality through great attention to detail and effective project management, even on long-lead projects. We appreciated her ownership, enthusiasm, and collaborative approach to work. A great team leader.

Ludivine Delattre, Director at KYNE